Macit Sonkan was born 1953 in Izmir/TURKEY as the eldest of the family's four children. His interest in drama and literature was awakened by the books he read during his years in school. After his graduation from the Dokuz Eylül University in Izmir, where he studied acting at the Faculty of Fine Arts (Department of Performing Arts), he participated in various theatre projects performed by private theatres, universities or municipal authorities. In 1983 he was enrolled as an actor by the Turkisch Theatre of State in Bursa, followed by the Theatres of State in Izmir and Istanbul. The plays he performed for the theatres of state led him to everywhere in Turkey and also to European theatre festivals. He directed various seminars and theatre projects in universities at home and abroad. Macit Sonkan, who has starred in many cinema and TV productions, made it a matter of principle to take part only in projects of artistic merit.

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